DIY – Stool rebuilt

Hi Everyone,

today i show you how to rebuilt your old stool. First of all you need some stuff.

  • fabric – the color you want
  • stapler – i just bought mine from the hardware store
  • scissor- to cut out the remains

That’s it, now you can start crafting.

Step 1.

Lay out the fabric and the stool on top of it.


Step 2.

Start with the corner, lay one side down and the other side on top of it


Step 3.

Tauten up the edges underneath the stool

Step 4.

Staple up the fabric to the bottom of the stoolIMG_5147

Now it just have to look like this


Step 5.

Staple up all the way IMG_5150

Step 6.

Cut out the remains of the fabricIMG_5151


Tataaaaaa we’re done and it looks brand new


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