DIY – Folder for your Travlers Notebook

Let’s make some Folder together 💜


2x Folder pieces 21x11cm Card stock or Design paper
2x pocket pieces ca 10×11 cm
1x A4 Laminator Foil

folder pieces

We start preparing the front page with stamps or other garnish items. You can also use some Design paper, in this case you don’t need to garnish anymore. Now you’re doing the same with the pockets on the inside. While you’re decorating your pages, make sure that the paper is not to thick, because we need to laminate it at the end. And as much paper you use as harder is it to connect to each other and you laminator can break.

I’m punching as well the corners so you can easy punch the laminator foil as well.
folder after laminating

When you’re done with decorating put all the pieces together in your laminating foil all the pieces must be one upon the other. If you want you can glue the pocket on the paper, but make sure to use just a little bit of glue just to fix the paper together. You need to let some space in the middle of the folder, because we need to fold it after we laminate it, it’s kinda like a book.

Now we’re ready to laminatefolder after laminatingAfter you laminate the first round start cutting every extra foil and laminate again from every other angle. The more it stick together the less bubbles we’re going to find on the folder. Bubble can also happen when your paper is to thick or if you have to much layer of paper.

After the laminating is done, you need to crease the folder in the middle, I’m laminating the folder after i creased it. BUT you need to make sure your folder isn’t that big so you don’t break your laminator.

Your folder should kinda look like this now. We just need to cut the edges and open the pocket.
kinitting folder

Between the two layer of paper for the pocket there is a tiny bubble, cut it carefully open to get your pocket
cutting folder pocketYou don’t need to pressure, when you push your craft knife through the foil you hear a little “Plopp” that is totally enough. Make sure to leave some foil on the sides otherwise the folder is going to rip off.

I hope you guys liked it 💜


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