Christmas is near! Don’t panic my dear 💜

Christmas shopping

You can find in the stores star-shaped cinnamon cookies and gingerbread, even the shop-windows are decorated with snow, trees, lights and a lot of glitter. Hearing ‘Last Christmas – Wham’ playing in the radio, is the beginning of the Christmas time🎄

Don’t panic, because you still don’t got all presents. Take your time and prepare for the big day going out for shopping. I have my Top 5 calm down – checklist for Christmas.

1. Don’t just rush in the city without a plan. Take your time on your cozy couch and make a gift-list so you don’t need to look after ideas for hours in the stores. You can also download the gift-list i made for you 💋

💜 Gift-list A5

💜 Gift-list personal

💜 Gift-list pocket

Wish-list download


2. Sometimes less is more. Don’t over decorate your house, go and get your inspiration on Pinterest or Instagram. They are hundreds of ideas for simply decoration ideas and easy DIY’s. You can also following my Pinterest Christmas board


deco christmas


3. Baking cookies should be fun, don’t start the last week before Christmas, most cookies are lasting long so you can easy start baking 2-3 weeks before Christmas. I’m the totally odd with baking christmas cookies. I need the whole house to be decorated and THEN I’m in the mood for baking and that’s why I start decorating my place beginning of December.


christmas cookies


4. Last year I was so in stress before Christmas that I even couldn’t make my lovely self-made christmas cards, but this year I started earlier so I’m not stressing out, just need to sign them and bring them to the postoffice.

5. I’m always buying some “extra presents” stuff I’d keep and like.  When I forgot someone, or someone just came for a visit spontaneous, like the aunt from your dad you didn’t see in trillion years., for that case you’re prepared 😎

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