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5 things you need to know before you buy a wedding dress

There is just that one moment in life where we’ve to find “The Dress”, that perfect and glamorous one that will leave everyone speechless. The worst thing that can happen to you is to see the pictures afterwords and realizing it didn’t fit. But don’t worry, none of these potentially embarrassing situations will happen if you follow the tips and advice below.

My Wedding Dress


1. which type of dress do you want to wear.

Do a little research about the weather? Which season is it going to be and is it going to be outside or inside? I found my inspiration on Pinterest and i can totally recommend it. At the beginning i had no idea what i wanted, till i looked around on Pinterest.

2. Set Your Budget

Don’t spend too much and don’t spend too little. It’s your wedding day, it is a special day. But you’re not wearing that dress ever again (I hope so). Even when you have 3.000$ for your wedding dress, that Doesn’t mean you can buy a 3.000$ wedding dress. Don’t forget to set aside a part of the budget for the extras like the veil, jewelry and the shoes. Definitely stay in your budget, don’t even try other dresses, when you find one that fits perfect and you love it, but the price is 10.000$, that will just break your heart.

3. Don’t go to your dress shopping with a big entourage

This is a really important moment and you want to share it with you mom or best friend. Don’t wear something that doesn’t fit with your style. Choose a dress that goes with your age and your style, don’t buy anything just because people say it’s beautiful, buy the dress you fell beautiful in it. Limit your entourage to two or three people. Too many opinions can make your dress shopping experience unnecessarily stressing and confusing.

4. Choose the right fit for you.

Let’s face it, not everything looks good on us, it depends a lot on our body structure or type, so be very careful with this when choosing your wedding dress. Choose one that sculpts your figure, whether you are thin or curvy.


5. Do not EVER buy your dress on a cheap online seller

A lot of online shops (mostly the ones in China) are selling cheap wedding dresses. It looks so beautiful on the pictures and it is cheap as well. BUT they never come as it looks like on the picture you’ll losing money in a scam. I got scamed at my first dress, I thought to myself it would be cool to safe some money. At the end i paid double the price till i got MY wedding dress and there is definitely no way the cheap China stuff can fit to hold a candle to my dress. Oh btw, i bought it in a outlet, it wasn’t even that expensive. You should definitely check out wedding dress outlets.

Some of you will start to cry, some are getting red and others just speechless. That’s the moment when you know THIS is YOUR dress! Finding YOUR dress is like finding the love of your life “again” don’t lose faith in finding the right dress.












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