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Best friend …. Worst Enemy pt. 1

best friend- worst enemy

Hi Softies,

sometimes life has plans for you that you never even expected. I know this might be some heavy stuff to read and it’s also very private, but I felt like I wanted to share this with you guys. I felt like I needed to write about it!

In the beginning, I thought: everything is just perfect the way it is. I just got started getting used to someone else’s “quirks”, but then there is this one life changing moment in which, not faith, but the closest person in my life started fighting me, and of course I wondered, what did I do wrong? I was just being honest with her. That was my biggest mistake.

I’m not going to say any names or relations about the person who is the reason for why we felt the need to leave our home.

There is this one person in your life who knows EVERYTHING about you because you trust them blindly. When this person starts to make themself your enemy, that will be one of the hardest fights you will have to go through! Not because they knows all these secrets and could tell them to anyone at any time, but because that one person knows exactly how to hurt you without even being in the same room with you.

At the beginning I started to bolster myself up, it could have also just been the anger that was giving me the self-confidence to go through with this “battle”. Then it went on with some really mean messages. Words were written, they couldn’t have been crueler. Until…

Until the moment I surrendered.

I wrote “You won! Just please stop writing things like that!” I literally begged her to stop. I was so in shock over how far she went, I couldn’t even comprehend what was happening. Why I didn’t just block her, so I could recover from that shock, but instead, I let her continue on and on.

She started texting me things like “Please, just kill yourself. Trust me, everyone would be happier if you weren’t here.”

It felt like…gunshots. Ever single sentence was a piercing bullet. Even when I was lying on the floor, bleeding, she would continue shooting.




Anyway, later some time, I tried to take the first step, you know, to calm the waves, because we were at a really big event, but even at a wedding, in front of all our friends and family, she couldn’t resist firing at me and she hit me again and again and I could do nothing but cover up with a smile.

How can I deal with this? Ignoring her doesn’t work really well since we share friends and family. So what could I do? I still tried to ignore her, I tried to continue, but seeing her every day made my life even harder. So we decided to move away, far away from people who were full of hate and wanted to hurt me.

Today is the first day in our new apartment and it already feels like home. My old home was taken away from me.

And right now … I’m standing in front of the window, looking up to the trees in the park and I swear to myself, next time I’ll be stronger because there isn’t going to be a next time! People who are non-existant to me, can’t hurt me anymore!

Sometimes you just need to let karma handle the rest!


… to be continued

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  • Jany

    I still feel sorry for you, for the bad things and aweful words… what happened to you!

    But you know there are people out there, who love you, who are happy to know and spend time with you, you know it right?!
    You’ve worked hard for all the things in your life and you have an amazing husband (and dog of course) and awesome friends!
    You know the people you can trust and count on…
    Karma is a bitch 😉

    XoXo :*

    May 19, 2016 at 12:40 pm Reply
    • Softy2404

      @ Jany OMG you are so sweet. Thank you for being always so nice and sweet :*

      May 19, 2016 at 12:43 pm Reply

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