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10 Truths About Living Alone!

1. You’re Not Just Singing – You Are Performing!

One of the best things about living alone is definitely listening to whatever music you want and also adding one of those one of a kind dance performances. No one is there to look at you or even laugh at you while you’re freaking out to Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift. Just don’t forget your neighbors, so maybe don’t turn up the volume too much. 😂


2. Clothes: Not A Must!

The first thing you do when you get home? Taking off those uncomfortable Jeans. You run around in your underwear for 2 hours until you get ready for the party. You walk naked from the shower to your closet, as long as you have curtains you don’t mind who’s out there!


3. No One Cares If You Cook Pasta At 3 am.

There is nothing better than having an after-party-meal. Because after dancing the whole night, you only want to do one thing: EAT! Yummy… And nobody is there to judge you or complain about why you were up so late cooking.

4. You Can Be As Clean (Or As Messy) As You Want!

Living alone means you can keep your home as clean or as messy as you like, without ever feeling guilty. If you want to leave a bowl of food out for a week, you can. If you want to wash your curtains every other day, you can. This is your home and you get to decide how clean it is!

5. Sunday Means Lazy Day And You’re Going To Be A Caveman.

Ok, there are maybe a couple Sundays where you actually have to leave your apartment but best case scenario, you can stay in and marathon your way through that Netflix series you’ve been dying to watch and comfortably merge with your couch. The only one person you might consider seeing on that day is your pizza delivery boy.


6. Nobody Judges You When You Eat The Entire Chocolate Bar.

…or a whole bag of chips or the cold pizza pieces left over – this is the best part of living alone. Nobody judges you.

7. You Have Serious Conversations … With Yourself!

mumbling something while you are cooking, repeating your To-Do list out loud or commenting on a tv show, everybody does it. Nobody understands you like you do! And you don’t need to explain yourself.

8. Start Seeing Ghosts?

All alone during night time, you finally start to get paranoid. What was that noise? Burglars? Ghosts? Monsters? Or just the steam pipes? This is the only negative point for living alone. Going to the toilet at night after watching a horror movie can be really challenging.

9. Leave The Bathroom Door Open!

The best thing ever: Leaving the bathroom door open. There is nobody to hide from, so you can leave the door wiiiiiiiide open during, you know, business time.

10. You Still Call Mom and Dad.

Last but not least:

The dishwasher is not running, the door lock is jammed or you just want to hear a familiar voice. There are many reasons to just take a moment to call your parents. Remember: Just because you live alone doesn’t mean you are alone!

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