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10 Things Newlyweds Need to Remember

Getting married is one of the most exciting times of your life, but after the honeymoon you’re returning to the real world and there are some things that need to get care of and of course some other tips that helped my marriage as well. wish you a good start in your newly marriage.
I’m married now for 2 years,  I’m not an expect but I have one or two tips for you!

1. Send Thank You Cards

This is actually one of the important things after a wedding. Unfortunately most of the couples don’t send out any thank you cards anymore and this is really sad. Just think about the fact that your guests took their time to get dressed, some of them bought new clothing just for that day. Others traveled all the way to your venue and most important, they spend your wedding day celebrating your love. They bought you a nice gift, so it is just good manners to send a card and saying thank you.

2. Do the Name Change Process

If you want to change your name, it is important to get the process started as soon as possible. The first step is changing your name on your ID. I recommend making a list and going step by step, social security card and even the driver’s license. Well I stil didn’t changed my drivers license, in Germany it’s not necessary. Whaaaat?! my picture on my drivers license looks amazing and I don’t want to change that 😂 oh and don’t forget your social media channels!

3. Consider Selling Your Wedding Décor and Dress

Many of you are getting nostalgic and want to keep everything, but let’s be honest most of us don’t have a place to store everything. And don’t forget you payed a shot load of money for everything, by selling them you can get some money back. There are always engaged couples who are looking to save some money and snatch up the best prices. I rented my decor, but I sold my dress and made actually profit with it😎
I can give you the tip to wait with the selling till the wedding Saison starts!

4. Show some Thankfulness and Appreciation

Ben and I took our relationship for granted, but then Ben and I started to say more often thank you, and the we appreciate each other more. If you want to have a more loving marriage then bad ones, be sure to take a few minutes each day to say “Thank you” to your spouse and express your appreciation for everything they do. It’s weird at the beginning saying thank you even when you spouse is doing the dishes or is cooking the meal, this will give your relationship a respectful behavior. having bad times reminds you to still have the piece of respect while you’re arguing.

Psychologists have determined that showing appreciation is one of the best ways to keep a relationship together.

5. Consider Creating a Relationship Schedule

Many people believe that spontaneity is better than having a schedule, but the reality is that planning some of the little things can make your life together go much more smoothly. As much as newlyweds may want to spend every moment together, it’s important to add some alone time to your weekly relationship schedule. Always remember that a healthy relationship requires some privacy and independence for both partners.
With a relationship schedule, you can ensure that each person’s needs are met for everything from alone time to shared activities. As an added bonus, this will minimize the risk of making plans that conflict with your partner’s basic emotional needs. Examples of things to schedule include a weekly relationship meeting to discuss finances and any issues that haven’t been addressed. This can keep small problems from becoming a huge fight down the line.

6. The Art of Compromise

A marriage takes work and a lot of compromise, and both newlyweds need to be ready to dive into the compromise pool with both feet. By discussing your specific wants and needs, along with airing out small issues during your weekly relationship meeting, you can reach a point where it is easier for both of you to compromise.
The most important aspect that many people don’t realize is that compromising on minor details that don’t matter as much to you can give you room to root more strongly for the things that you feel are non-negotiable. With some respect and grace, you can both be happy with all of your small and big decisions.

7. Fighting is Inevitable

You may believe right now that your relationship will always be sunny and conflict-free, but the truth is that every couple eventually fights about something. Experts say that fighting can actually be a good thing if you learn how to fight fairly and don’t end up doing it constantly. Consider, for example, how much can be worked out if you are willing to argue without name-calling or shaming the other person. Learning how to fight is an essential skill that will provide you with the ability to express your needs, loudly if need be, without causing unnecessary damage to the relationship.
As you move through the honeymoon stage and into the next phase of your relationship, keep in mind that the romance you felt while dating can be kept up by committing to regular date nights. This is one of the many ways that newlyweds can keep their marriage fresh and happy for decades to come.

8. Love your spouse the way he or she needs to be loved.

Not everyone views love the same. Some people think material possessions show affection, while others prefer physical connections. If you are constantly telling your spouse how much you love them but they would prefer that you show it in a different way, do what you can to let them know where your affections are.

9. Never stop kissing.

It sounds strange, but there is a certain point in marriage where having sex comes easier than kissing. Take time to kiss your spouse every day, as couples who make time to smooch are less likely to get divorced. Don’t make it a quick peck as you’re rolling over to go to sleep; take a few seconds to kiss them properly and really mean it.

10. Don’t talk badly about your spouse.

Yes, your spouse will annoy you at times, and you’ll want to vent that out, but think of a better way to do it than to run your mouth to other people. Your spouse is the person you promised to love and share your life with, so why would you want anyone to think badly about them? Don’t make a negative Facebook status about them, and just work out your problems in private. Don’t forget you’re a team so act like it, don’t put each other down, in public or in private.

10 + 1. Admit when you’re wrong. Don’t gloat when you’re right.

The first is hard, but necessary. The second is tempting, but pointless.



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